Welcome to my (slightly better looking) homepage!

Trollbook is going to be the badassest thing since sliced bread. Yes, badassest is now a word. Yes, sliced bread is badass. Deal with it.

I'm h4xxel. I program. I do electronics projects. I work as a test system developer. I sail.

I have had this page for a long time now and still not quite figured out what to put on it. I should probably have some kind of blog, but I don't, not really. I occationally write a bit about my hardware and software projects, links are at the top. Please feel free to browse the downloads section for stuff developed by (or partially by) me.

If you feel like having nothing better to do, you can go check this out!

Btw, I completly suck at web design, but at least the page should validate as html5!