My Software

A collection page for the software developed by (or partly by) me

Note that this list is rather old and not well updated. Please se my github page for some of my later creations.

[ICON]MuonReal Time Strategy game developed by slaeshjag and me
[ICON]JymdsjeppBirdie 25 party hack by slaeshjag and me
[ICON]BondeN^wArs™Birdie 24 party hack by slaeshjag and me
[ICON]ogrp-osHobby project operating system by ogrp
[ICON]DegubberGUI-frontend for the bochs debugger
[ICON]1337 FireworksFireworks demo written in ASM, for a competition on varg42 (I placed shared first place!)
[ICON]LoL - Lek och LärLäroprogram för förskolan utvecklat som ett skolprojekt
[ICON]The WaveSmall game where the goal is to survive a catastrophy and help others along the way.