How-to-play guide now availble!

Muon is a real time strategy game under heavy development and with a rather unusual twist - it has no mobile units. You win the game by conquering the map using buildings only.

Muon is written in c by slaeshjag, kqr and me, using slaeshjag's libdarnit framework and targets PC (Linux and Windows), the OpenPandora handheld and Nokia N900/Maemo

Binary builds are availble for Windows, Debian and Ubuntu Linux, Maemo and OpenPandora. Users of other Linux distributions will for now have to build the sources. Builds for OpenPandora can be found in the OpenPandora repo.

If you want to contact us, send an email to muon <at> rdw <dot> se . There is also an IRC-channel, #muon-rts @ irc.gfu.se:6697.