Birdie 25 party hack by slaeshjag and me.

Multi player space game for LAN networks, it will not work over the internet. In fact, it will probably not work at all :p
One player hosts and up to seven more people join, the host can start the game.

You play as a greedy space miner. The goal is to collect as many mineral-rich asteroids as possible and bring them back to your home solar system using your tractor beam. The tractor beam needs energy to function properly. Bumping into things or getting shot reduces your energy. Your energy will recharge, but slowly.

You can grab several asteroids at once using the tractor beam, and bring them back to your home sun. Collect points by placing asteroids on the surface of your home sun (how realistic!) The player with the most asteroids when the timer runs out wins. Be aware, however that other greedy miners can steal the asteroids stuck to your sun! The compass in the upper right corner points towards your home sun.

The physics is based on a real (but buggy!) model, which means some orbital mechanics come into play. You might however see one or two planets escaping from their orbits and flying around on thier own, this is Normalâ„¢ The physics model also allow you to bounce off most things, including suns and planets!